There is a new eatery opening tonight, softly, near us and it’s exciting for my husband and I as we were involved in the design. He was the architect and I designed and developed the identity which found it’s way into a lovely felt mural running the full length of the bar. Very exciting to see it all come together. Below I am sharing some of the working shapes for the mural, much changed over the course of the design development but I always enjoy going back to see where it all started. I imagined these shapes as people populating the space, all shapes and sizes. More soon.

buddha glitr

I started a line of handcrafted bracelets and necklaces I am calling glitr, Gold Star glitr. Named glitr because they are for me a meditation on color, texture and shape — a reflection of interior light. This is the first of the thai influenced pieces. The amulet is from Bangkok, Thailand.

brooms of thailand

I’ll admit it’s a funny detail to obsess on so I’m going to look it straight in the eye and confess. I really liked the brooms in Thailand…wanted to bring one home. Not sure if that speaks to my tidy nature or if you’ll agree, they got it going on…



Inspiration: Beauty

I created this area to share some of my travels, art, photography & craft. The play that inspires me. For more of my paintings and crafts, you can visit me at what flow looks like today