Avian Haberdashery

If you are every up early on a Sunday morning and looking for some inspiration on what to wear… head over to the Museum of Natural History at Harvard University http://www.hmnh.harvard.edu/. I visited this last weekend with my ever so early rising 9 year old nephew, hey they open at 9am on a Sunday! and all I could think upon seeing this Falcon is ‘I want me some of those pants’. His friends had quite the stellar feathers as well.


The evolution of my meditation on color, shape and texture. These new pieces have bits of travel in them; a buddha from Brimfield MA antiques market, a sacred heart from the Mission in Chimayo NM and coral grapes from the Isle of Capri. I am introducing leather along with the semiprecious and glass, another texture… These meditations all began after a workshop with the artist behind Modern Relic. http://www.alixbluh.com/

Western Sweden near Göteborg

Ever visit a place that resonates with you so much that you feel you must have been there before… that it makes you believe in having lived previous lives? Tjolöholms Slott was like that for me. Just sitting on the rocks near the shore looking out at the sea and the small islands in the distance made me so happy. Actually it was the crazy trees around the Slott that made me fall in love at first sight, they were so funny and beautiful at the same time. Like something out of Chris van Allsburg’s The Garden of Abdul Gasazi http://www.chrisvanallsburg.com/abdulgasazi.html.

Waiting for the easter bunny.

Moments 2010



Inspiration: Beauty

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