Tuesday’s Taxonomy

Taxonomy: a scheme of classification.

Nature’s patterns

Moon and Stars Glitr

Glitr — moon and stars — a collaboration. I created these two necklaces for the daughters of a dear friend who died this New Years. I just recently and serendipitously discovered the silver amulets in a work file from a years-ago project to create an identity for her jewelry business. The amulets are examples of her work that I used during the development of her logo/identity. This recent collaboration has been a meditation, a way to work through the loss.

I have strung her silver work alongside blue lace agate, glass and leather. The colors represent the heart and throat chakras. Two of her silver pieces combine on each strand to signify the mother and daughter relationship — the moon and stars.

It is my hope that these talismans can serve as reminders that their mother’s spirit is with them as they navigate the years to come.


Adopting beautiful rituals…
A favorite author said that rituals are about transformation…
a favorite painter, that transformation is procedural,
and a favorite musician, that the journey is an act of imagination.

Perhaps rituals teach us to go about life with grace and intention and to see the beauty in the journey.

Bloom County

Cleaning out my files often reveals little time-capsule treasures. This one still tickles my funny bone. Only thing missing is Bill the cat. Click on the image to read.

Now I am wondering if they still hold Show & Tell in school…Gaiter is ready.



Inspiration: Beauty

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