Catalan Modernisme Painter Joaquim Mir

I fell in love with the art of this Catalan Modernisme movement painter while in Barcelona.
Joaquin Mir Trinxet (1873 – 1940)

  • Sa Calobra
    Sa Calobra

    Joaquim Mir

Painting journey

Ah, the weekend has arrived and I am looking forward to the start of a painting journey. Getting my hands ‘in it’ as it were, rather than interfacing with a device. For me it is a meditation on color, form, and movement, as well as a chance to connect with what drives and allows me to work creatively. A refueling of the tank, no fossil fuels required. Have a good one. Namaste.

Porch Party Mamas

Cd Cover Porch Party Mamas
Cd Cover Porch Party Mamas

GSS designed the CD packaging for their eponymous album.

PPM are having their CD release party at Johnny D’s this Thursday. I’m looking forward to the show!



Inspiration: Beauty

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