Don’t Erase Your Crooked Lines

Magic for Everybody — Sam Phillips.

Love the lyrics, an anthem to the beauty that lurks in the imperfect line, the mistakes. Wish I could catch the line just before she says ‘squeaks and rattles go’… anyone?
UPDATE–-> and the line is…
“it’s just that the perfect is so loud, where did all the squeaks and rattles go?”

what can I say? It’s perfect but not in a loud way. :)

Don’t let perfect make you blind… to this beautiful world.’

Soft spot for 11th-13th Century Art

Who’d have thunk it. I have a soft spot for Medieval Romanesque and Gothic Art… the color, the patterning, the stripes! and the flatness of the work. It’s just beautiful, and surprisingly contemporary. These works are from the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in Barcelona.

check out the hairdos…

beautiful table patterning and love the flat goblets and dinner ware

nice blanket, not so nice visitor.

flowers in the sky… too bad about the lousy fishing

these ladies have lovely striped frocks and how about that wall fabric… nice.

love the clouds that the angels are sitting in and the spareness of line for this fellow’s head and face



Inspiration: Beauty

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