Still Life

A discovery for me — I am digging the work of Giorgio Morandi, 1890-1964, Italian still life painter. Just returning from a trip to Italy and in a Verona museum I came across his work… this is why I love to travel.

The Clark Museum grounds

We have a wealth of art in the western region of the state. The Clark Museum just added a new Tadao Ando building to its grounds but it’s the folly in the woods that caught my interest. A simple wood and metal clad gem. It’s set out in the very ‘british pastoral’ setting behind the Museum, just at the edge of the woods. It’s called the crystal and it was created by Thomas Schütte.

Jenny Holzer bench by the reflecting pool.

And even with all the art around I am mostly distracted by nature and this awesome birch tree dancing at the top of the hill.

The Clark Museum.



Inspiration: Beauty

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