Joshua Tree/desert scapes

Underwater-like Cholla Garden
Underwater-like Cholla Garden

The Mojave meets the Colorado desert in Joshua Tree National Park and the change in flora and terrain is marked. It makes for an experience that has you at one moment on the set of Star Trek amongst boulders in a planetary landing and the next swallowed up in an underwater-like Cholla Garden.

California coast

After getting our first snow yesterday revisiting the textures of our recent CA visit feels right. Crystal Cove is a magical preserve, a state park, and a gem in SoCal. There were seals playing in the water, pelicans diving in the surf and Whimbrels and Godwits working the beach, we were too. This rock pictured above, or time portal:) as one friend suggested, must be how the beach got its name for it is criss-crossed in what looks to be quartz crystal. Click on the image to see the detail. Crystal or no crystal if all felt magical to me, a ‘time out’ portal if nothing else, sweet.



Inspiration: Beauty

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