Spoke Wine Bar Felt Mural

In reducing the palette but maintaining some transparency effect we were able to abstract the shapes while playing with figure ground. The mural is comprised of 6 felt colors on 8 discrete but interconnected panels.

Paint by numbers anyone?

I think having a glass of wine while considering the panels allows you to see more layers…

Juan Gris

The work of Juan Gris was an inspiration for the direction of Spoke’s visual vernacular and I’d liked to think of Spoke as a place where Juan Gris might have gathered with his fellow artist friends Matisse, Braque, Leger, Modigliani for a glass of wine.

More working sketches:
The line of bottle shapes/people working toward what in the end became a more abstracted final felt mural.

Color studies of more abstracted shapes

to be continued…the color palette gets reduced



Inspiration: Beauty

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