more meditation on color and texture

Finished up a couple more of my beaded meditations this weekend. These are sporting an adjustable closure that I have been working out. The bead/button closure allows for several possible lengths along the suede backstrap. Very cool.

Oh, my

Oh my, the Oh, Canada exhibition at Mass MoCA is a step through the looking glass. I felt like a kid again as I allowed myself to fall down the proverbial rabbit hole and soak up the beautiful and curious. A magical, allegorical and dreamlike short film by Amalie Atkins, The Three Minute Miracle: Tracking the Wolf, transported me and left me with a huge smile and a refrain — “I’ve got a new set of teeth.” Of course it didn’t hurt that you enjoy this film while sitting in the tent pictured below. Summer camp anyone? Am noticing a trend, not sure what to call it yet, but if you haven’t seen Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom you are in for a visual treat. Another on my magical summer film list is Beasts of the Southern Wild. Summer is allowing the inner child to play and dream. Yes.


Note how long the neck can be when relaxed. :)

Green Slippers

My brother-in-law brought me back the most beautiful felt slippers from Germany… I was inspired to draw them.

Alluring traditions

I come from a line of fishermen and doctors. Fishing was my grandfather’s passion when he wasn’t seeing patients, and my father’s passion when he wasn’t seeing patients. The line has been broken but the allure is still in my heart, and I like to take care of my clients too though they are not patients. (these lures are part of my grandfather’s collection)



Inspiration: Beauty

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