Polygon Play

New print piece to promote Harvard’s Career Discovery Program 2017.

Polygon Pondering from Noel Danforth on Vimeo.


Loving these two small blue pieces on wood panel. I’m curious to see where my painting goes this year.


Visiting this port city on the River Scheldt in Belgium dating from the middle ages I found it was ‘the new stuff’ seen while exiting the port on our barge that inspired me the most, from Zaha Hadid’s port authority building which is a striking monolith in the sky of the harbor, to the Amy-Sillman-painting-like qualities of the construction cranes. It’s the grids of colors and shapes that caught my eye. I’m thinking painting inspiration for 2017.


One of my favorite pastimes is squaring up the texture/shape/color that I see when I am out and about. Just sharing what I see, and wondering what will show up later in my work. Three of the images above are out and about in Gloucester, the third is a grate from an athletic field… interesting non?

Beauport: objects

There are loads of objects to see at Beauport. Sleeper was a fan of silhouette cutouts and colored glass but it’s the folky stuff that caught my eye.


Inspiration: Beauty

I created this area to share a bit of my travels, art, photography & craft. The play that inspires me.