Hidden Worlds

Vivariums created today. We’re all ready for the life of Spring; mining our collective desperation for inspiration. I think we did a pretty good job. Am particularly partial to the folly with Tim Burton’s influence…maybe a reflection my coopedupness… new word.

consider the lilies

This is the spring version of Mary Oliver’s Black Oaks… ah happy friday.

Camas Lilies
by Lynn Ungar

Consider the lilies of the field,
the blue banks of camas opening
into acres of sky along the road.
Would the longing to lie down
and be washed by that beauty
abate if you knew their usefulness,
how the native ground their bulbs
for flour, how the settlers’ hogs
uprooted them, grunting in gleeful
oblivion as the flowers fell?

And you—what of your rushed
and useful life? Imagine setting it all down—
papers, plans, appointments, everything—
leaving only a note: “Gone
to the fields to be lovely. Be back
when I’m through blooming.”

Even now, unneeded and uneaten,
the camas lilies gaze out above the grass
from their tender blue eyes.
Even in sleep your life will shine.
Make no mistake. Of course
your work will always matter.
Yet Solomon in all his glory
was not arrayed like one of these.

More meditation Glitr

Spanning the chakra spectrum in a single bound… The red/orange grounding and amulet closured bracelet for a friend who recently lost a loved one. The mulit=colored piece I have named the ‘power bracelet’. It’s closure a Danish Krone minted the year after it’s new owner its beads of glass are from Bali. The Blue/Violet necklace for intuition, awareness and communication, what more could anyone wish for?

alabama chanin

I have been enjoying a hand-sewing project this winter. Alabama Chanin’s techniques have been a welcome and soul warming meditation during this crazy long winter. Here are some of my process shots.

Chanin pattern
Gold star studios design stencil. A motif of bodhi leaves and lotus pods.
Stippling the stencil.
Several layers of paint then drying and iron setting the color.

Embellisments, Chanin's reverse applique, then...
Embellisments, Chanin's reverse applique, then...

french knots... oh la la. :)
french knots... oh la la. :)



Inspiration: Beauty

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