Milton Avery

I have been looking at Milton Avery’s work lately and soaking in what I love about his simplicity and his palettes. This weekend I got a bee in my bonnet to create an image of Gaiter in a way he might have done.

Parameters as playground

In graphic design there are parameters that come with each project. For me the fun bit is finding a creative way to work within these parameters to create a beautiful solution for my client. I thought it would be interesting to apply this process to the playground of painting. I choose a palette, photograph it and then set to work.

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Joshua Tree II and the Desert Sky

It was the winter solstice and we had a full moon for our visit to Joshua Tree and there is just something admittedly sci-fi about this sky… this airstream, don’t you think? Beautiful in any case with the discus clouds, the enterprise? :) and pink.



Inspiration: Beauty

I created this area to share some of my travels, art, photography & craft. The play that inspires me. For more of my paintings and crafts, you can visit me at what flow looks like today