Holiday Herbals

I made herbal amaro concoctions for the holidays. Amaro means ‘bitter’ in Italian, and a bitter ingredient is used as a base note (Orris root, Angelica, Cinchona, Gentian). Amari are digestives, they are made throughout the world and often contain local herbs making them wonderfully varied and a lovely way to experience a place when traveling. My concoctions change out the bitter, the alcohol base and offer up a playful variety of herbs. For the label, I used typography that highlights the base-bitter name running it vertically, and the bitter plant is pictured top. Amari are tinctures that aid digestion and are a wonderful celebratory finale for a meal with family and friends. Happy Holidays!

It’s a wrap

The latest wrapping paper from one of my abstract paintings, ‘cause it’s a jungle out there! :)

Community Servings—Food Heals

Another year helping with the work of the amazing Community Servings organization. Their Meals for Moms campaign raises money to provide meals for moms too sick to shop and cook for their families. Illustrations by Susy Pilgrim Waters

Display at the Boston Public Library

A project GSS did the design work for, What You Don’t Know About Me (WYDKAM), is on display at the Boston Public Library through Sunday, December 2nd. The project by 2017 Boston Artist-in-Residence Charles Coe features oral histories by Coe, and photographs by Gordon Webster, of people who live and work in Boston’s Mission Hill neighborhood. Read more here.

New online space!

Noel Danforth

Come check out my new online space for sharing my paintings and other pursuits. I am calling it what flow looks like today:

Porch Party Mamas new CD

The Porch Party Mamas have a new CD out and are having a CD release party at the Burren in Davis Sq. Somverville, MA on Friday 27th! Come hear some great new music from these rockin’ gals. The cover artwork is by one of the Mamas, Ksenia Mack, and the hand-lettering was done by another, Jane Grondin. I did the behind the scenes layout to pull it all together. Always fun to work with these gals.

Pop-up Exhibition

Two of my paintings have been chosen for this Pop-up Exhibition at the Freepoint Hotel in Cambridge. It’s a collaboration between The Maud Morgan Center for the Arts and a newly renovated boutique hotel in Cambridge. The artwork will be on view through June 2018 in the Hotel lobby.

Design Discovery

Design Discovery 2018

Harvard GSD’s summer design program. New name same great program. :)

Spirit Awards 2017

GSS designed the look for the Maud Morgan Arts Spirit Awards 2017
Read more about it here


Spirit Awards Invitation
Spirit Awards Invitation

Spirit Awards Invitation
Spirit Awards Invitation

What you don’t know about me.

I am working with a friend on his Boston Artist Residency Project called “What You Don’t Know About Me.” It’s a community-based collaborative art project that sets out to tell the stories of people who live and work in the Mission Hill neighborhood. It will highlight aspects of their lives that might surprise. There will be stories. There will be photographs. Now there’s a logo.

Community Servings 2017

The Meals4Moms initiative raised over $19,000 dollars for medically tailored meals for their clients! I am proud to offer my design assistance. The beautiful illustrations are by Susy Pilgrim Waters.

Polygon Play

New print piece to promote Harvard’s Career Discovery Program 2017.

Polygon Pondering from Noel Danforth on Vimeo.

Press ok

Incite Architecture’s new identity materials were printed today, old-fashioned two-color work. Such a treat to visit the print shop in action.

Identity Revamp

Incite Architecture is getting an identity overhaul. Going on press tomorrow, a rare opportunity in this digital age. I love to see the offset presses in action — looking forward to the field trip.

Spoke anniversary

Spoke is celebrating their second year. Gold Star Studios had felt coasters created using the logo and felt mural color palette to mark the occasion. See the identity work done for them here.

Porch Party Mamas

Cd Cover Porch Party Mamas
Cd Cover Porch Party Mamas

GSS designed the CD packaging for their eponymous album.

PPM are having their CD release party at Johnny D’s this Thursday. I’m looking forward to the show!

spoke wine bar gets a sign

It’s been a long wait but it’s a beauty.

Spoke Wine Bar Felt Mural

In reducing the palette but maintaining some transparency effect we were able to abstract the shapes while playing with figure ground. The mural is comprised of 6 felt colors on 8 discrete but interconnected panels.

Paint by numbers anyone?

I think having a glass of wine while considering the panels allows you to see more layers…


There is a new eatery opening tonight, softly, near us and it’s exciting for my husband and I as we were involved in the design. He was the architect and I designed and developed the identity which found it’s way into a lovely felt mural running the full length of the bar. Very exciting to see it all come together. Below I am sharing some of the working shapes for the mural, much changed over the course of the design development but I always enjoy going back to see where it all started. I imagined these shapes as people populating the space, all shapes and sizes. More soon.

backstage mandalay

We walked a lot in Bangkok. One day we happened upon the River Books shop. I was delighted to see my friend’s new book Backstage Mandalay- the netherworld of burmese performing arts smack center of the window. It’s a book of gorgeous photography and insight into the Burmese night theater tradition. I designed the cover using a typeface that channels the Burmese very circular alphabet. Next visit to Asia we must see Burma.

Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition’s new viewbook

On the back cover-- Nutrition Facts
On the back cover-- Nutrition Facts

On the back cover we used the standardized nutrition label to present salient Tufts Nutrition School facts

Fletcher School at Tufts University

New policy and case study cover system for the Fletcher School at Tufts — hot off the press.

Global Dream

Having fun helping my niece with a project developing a certification system that encourages companies to reduce packaging. She calls it Global Dream. Here are our initial, playful, sketches.

Career Discovery Program Brochure and Poster 2012

The new Career Discovery materials for Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design are hot off the press.

Bee Design gets a new card layout

Bee Design's new business card layout

Tufts School of Nutrition gets a new look

Tufts School of Nutrition's new artwork

This companion piece to the Tufts School of Nutrition’s Viewbook is a first look at the school’s new artwork

The back cover

Using a nutrition facts motif to describe the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition School in a nutshell



Inspiration: Beauty

I created this area to share some of my travels, art, photography & craft. The play that inspires me. For more of my paintings and crafts, you can visit me at what flow looks like today