Wishing you a New Year full of Discoveries

New Worlds, New Views

More Columbus, Less Bull

Sharing our New Years card here. Every year my husband and I conceptualize a card that incorporates an important event/trip of the past year. We’ve been creating these cards for more years than we have been married and, unbeknownst to us at the start, it has become an characterful record of our life together. The scenes are fabricated from pieces of memories and photos along with a little romantic pixie dust. :)

This year we were in Spain. We spent a week cycling in the south, then a week walking in Barcelona soaking up inspiration of all sorts, but from Gaudi’s work in particular. The frame of the card connects the two parts of our trip, a palm tree (and a bull) from the south of Spain on the left and a Gaudiesque balcony on the right. The drawing and linocut are done by my husband, I can take no credit there. This year’s card is, as are the others, packed with significance for us and in my opinion it is beautifully rendered. Oh and in the south (Andalucia) is where they raise the bulls for the ring… that was an exciting cycling day, I was on the look out for the strays I might have to out ride… typical.