Darwin’s new signage

Stopped for a sandwich at favorite spot. And to check out the newly installed sandwich board. The decision of ‘which sandwich?’ is still hard to make but now all the names are the same at all three locations! Rock on.

London Inspo…

Community Servings—Food Heals

Another year helping with the work of the amazing Community Servings organization. Their Meals for Moms campaign raises money to provide meals for moms too sick to shop and cook for their families. Illustrations by Susy Pilgrim Waters

Display at the Boston Public Library

A project GSS did the design work for, What You Don’t Know About Me (WYDKAM), is on display at the Boston Public Library through Sunday, December 2nd. The project by 2017 Boston Artist-in-Residence Charles Coe features oral histories by Coe, and photographs by Gordon Webster, of people who live and work in Boston’s Mission Hill neighborhood. Read more here.

New online space! wfllt.space

Noel Danforth

Come check out my new online space for sharing my paintings and other pursuits. I am calling it what flow looks like today: wfllt.space



Inspiration: Beauty

I created this area to share some of my travels, art, photography & craft. The play that inspires me. For more of my paintings and crafts, you can visit me at what flow looks like today WFLLT.space