Yacht Restoration = Beauty

Beetle Cats, Wiannos, and Schooners oh my.

Visited the International Yacht Restoration School in Newport R.I.

Beauport: objects

There are loads of objects to see at Beauport. Sleeper was a fan of silhouette cutouts and colored glass but it’s the folky stuff that caught my eye.

Beauport: Exterior

It’s been a summer for visiting eclectic homes.

Beauport aka The Sleeper-McCann House and Henry Davis Sleeper’s summer-retreat-cum-bachelor-pad is a ‘trip’ to visit with its kooky space planning and decorative motifs.

His creative ways of finding light within the house remind me of Gaudi’s Casa Batllo and Casa Mila not to mention his chimneys, albeit on a much smaller scale and in a different cultural venacular. Wondering if Sleeper ever visited Spain or read/heard about Gaudi’s work. The Casa Batllo was finished in 1906 just as Sleeper was getting started.

Some interior images to come in my next post…


Sleeper-McCann House


Sleeper-McCann House

Frederic Church’s Olana

Frederic Church’s eclectic home Olana overlooking the Hudson River Valley is a font of color and texture inspiration. Despite the raining day it was a trip to photograph the melee of materials and decorative motifs. Must return and enjoy the beautiful landscape on a sunny day.

Mass Moca

It’s not always the exhibitions that inspire, even weightiness can be lofty…

The Clark Museum grounds

We have a wealth of art in the western region of the state. The Clark Museum just added a new Tadao Ando building to its grounds but it’s the folly in the woods that caught my interest. A simple wood and metal clad gem. It’s set out in the very ‘british pastoral’ setting behind the Museum, just at the edge of the woods. It’s called the crystal and it was created by Thomas Schütte.

Jenny Holzer bench by the reflecting pool.

And even with all the art around I am mostly distracted by nature and this awesome birch tree dancing at the top of the hill.

The Clark Museum.

Soft spot for 11th-13th Century Art

Who’d have thunk it. I have a soft spot for Medieval Romanesque and Gothic Art… the color, the patterning, the stripes! and the flatness of the work. It’s just beautiful, and surprisingly contemporary. These works are from the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in Barcelona.

check out the hairdos…

beautiful table patterning and love the flat goblets and dinner ware

nice blanket, not so nice visitor.

flowers in the sky… too bad about the lousy fishing

these ladies have lovely striped frocks and how about that wall fabric… nice.

love the clouds that the angels are sitting in and the spareness of line for this fellow’s head and face

Hilma af Klint

A theme seems to be presenting itself… another exhibition I have missed unless I can get to the Picasso Museum Malaga in the next few weeks or get back to Denmark and the Louisiana this summer.

Photo: Albin Dahlström.
Photo: Albin Dahlström.

Left: Hilma af Klint, The Ten Largest, No. 7, Adulthood, Group IV, 1907. Right: Hilma af Klint, Altarpiece, No. 1, Group X, Altarpieces, 1915. © Stiftelsen Hilma af Klints Verk.

Installation views of Hilma af Klint – A Pioneer of Abstraction, 2013

© Photo: Åsa Lundén/ Moderna Museet

Enter Hilma af Klint an artist I had never heard of until today. More here at the Stockholm Moderna Museet site.

Amy Sillman Exhibition at ICA Boston

Grooving on Amy Sillman’s work, sad to have missed the ICA show. Must try to catch the exhibition this summer at Bard.



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