Yacht Restoration = Beauty

Beetle Cats, Wiannos, and Schooners oh my.

Visited the International Yacht Restoration School in Newport R.I.

EBM Logos

The beautiful but unchosen logo directions. Chosen direction to be revealed…

Spirit Awards 2017

GSS designed the look for the Maud Morgan Arts Spirit Awards 2017
Read more about it here


Spirit Awards Invitation
Spirit Awards Invitation

Spirit Awards Invitation
Spirit Awards Invitation

What you don’t know about me.

I am working with a friend on his Boston Artist Residency Project called “What You Don’t Know About Me.” It’s a community-based collaborative art project that sets out to tell the stories of people who live and work in the Mission Hill neighborhood. It will highlight aspects of their lives that might surprise. There will be stories. There will be photographs. Now there’s a logo.

Community Servings 2017

The Meals4Moms initiative raised over $19,000 dollars for medically tailored meals for their clients! I am proud to offer my design assistance. The beautiful illustrations are by Susy Pilgrim Waters.



Inspiration: Beauty

I created this area to share some of my travels, art, photography & craft. The play that inspires me. For more of my paintings and crafts, you can visit me at what flow looks like today WFLLT.space