Design Discovery

Design Discovery 2018

Harvard GSD’s summer design program. New name same great program. :)

Too young for the Summer of Love

The MFA exhibit “Summer of Love” was showing off some posters that hung in our house, still do!

Image circa 1972 of my 4-year-old brother mesmerized by the tunes of the era. It’s the 50th anniversary of this Beatles’ album. (Srgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band) the cover so iconic even the backside is recognizable.

And speaking of era, the ERA is resonating now too. Anyone else own the Helen Reddy 45 of I Am Woman? One of my favorites as a 9-year-old :) and seems appropriate in this moment.

Hoodoo Land

A little National Park love this year; Bryce, Canyonlands and Arches. And even in the barren beauty it’s the trees I fall for…

Yacht Restoration = Beauty

Beetle Cats, Wiannos, and Schooners oh my.

Visited the International Yacht Restoration School in Newport R.I.

EBM Logos

The beautiful but unchosen logo directions. Chosen direction to be revealed…



Inspiration: Beauty

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